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Toads Are Valuable in the Garden

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Learn more about toads and why these amphibians are beneficial backyard guests.

When you think of garden wildlife, it’s likely that birds, butterflies and bugs come to mind first, but if so, you’re missing one of the most charming of backyard creatures: toads. Not only are they cute—in a lumpy, bumpy sort of way—they’re incredibly valuable in the garden. Continue reading

Garden Joke at Harvest Time Gives Neighbors a Laugh by Daris Howard

Autumn Harvest

By Daris Howard
St. Anthony, Idaho

It’s that time of year when people need to lock their cars. It’s not because there are a lot of criminals running around stealing cars.

No indeed. Rather, it’s because of goodhearted neighbors who want to share their bountiful harvest. Especially with this year’s bumper crop, leaving a car unlocked in my neighborhood is an invitation for someone to stuff it full of zucchini. Continue reading

Top 10 Seed-Bearing Plants Flower Gardening – Birds and Blooms

Keep some or all of these 10 seed-bearing plants in your garden all winter long, and the birds will thank you for the extra food source.


(Allium, Zones 2 to 10)

If you want to add a colorful bounce to your garden, there’s no better bloomer than allium. This pretty perennial is a winning selection for almost any yard. Continue reading